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LEAP (Learning and Educational Advocacy Program) is a Bangkok-based voluntary parent group that serves as an excellent point of contact for those families in need of support, referrals and information concerning their children’s special challenges, such as learning difficulties, developmental delays, sensory integration issues, attention difficulties and autistic spectrum disorder. We bring together, in an integrated and coordinated way, the knowledge and resources represented in our community.

What We Do

Mentoring & Contacts

Knowing that a support network is often needed, LEAP aims to link parents of children with similar needs, specifically when one parent needs further information about different issues that can arise while
parenting a child with challenges.

Seminars & Workshops

We host a minimum of three seminars annually, covering relevant topics, in the form of speaker presentations, roundtable discussions, panels and workshops.

Parent Coffee Mornings

We gather for the occasional coffee morning to build community and bring parents together in an informal way to share stories, experiences and to offer support.

Resource Sharing

The LEAP Facebook page provides useful and up-to-date links to articles covering topics of interest to our community.

Who We Are

Our board consists of parents and sometimes professionals from within our Bangkok community. We work as a team to answer emails, organize seminars, host coffee mornings and liaise with educators and/or the professional community to offer support to families and share useful resources. If you would like any further information about our group and would like to get involved and support LEAP, we would love to hear from you!

Who Can Join

All parents are welcome. We are a supportive and evolving community.

All professionals are welcome. We ask that you support the LEAP community by introducing families to us and by sharing your expertise with us.

“LEAP offers a service that impacts the parent community in multiple ways. Whether it’s information about schools and specialists, a hand to hold when a diagnosis is given, coffee mornings to share experiences, or presentations from professionals, they do it all! Community collaboration brings us closer to achieving inclusion, and LEAP are true advocates. It’s a pleasure working so closely with them.”
Max Simpson

Founder, Steps with Theera

“As a parent of a child with special needs, it really makes a difference to be connected with other parents in a similar situation. The sense of community and knowledge-sharing that LEAP offers is essential for parents, especially as many are new to both Thailand and Bangkok, and need help in navigating the evolving landscape.”


Parent in Bangkok

Connect with Us

We would love to hear from you!